MOTHER CROW’S PROTEST – Another piece of ‘silly’ verse for the grandchildren!




It’s midnight in the forest,

A full moon shines down bright,

The trees begin to whisper,

“Let’s sing a song tonight.”


“Let’s sing an old sea shanty,”

Said the ancient tall Oak tree,

“Or perhaps a lullaby,

I know one, let me see.”


But all the Elm’s protested,

“We want some rock & roll,”

“OK then,” replied the Oak,

“Yet my preference would be soul.”


“I’ll have none of this,” Mum Crow said,

“I’ve just got the kids to bed,

You’ll wake them, and what’s more,

Put a tune inside my head.”


“Well can we have a rustle then?”

The conifers politely asked,

“No peace and quiet is what I want,

Mum Crow said of this task.


As one the trees all shouted,

“Well you crows squawk all day,

We never get a wink of sleep,

You do it June till May.”


“But crows can’t help their squawking,

God made them just this way,

And trees are meant to be silent,

And never have their say.”


“What a cheek,” said Willow,

“We let you build your nest,

Amongst our tallest branches,

Our finest and our best.”


With that the wise old Owl,

Appeared as in a dream,

“Will you lot all shut up now,

You disrupt this wondrous scene.


We only get a full moon,

Once upon a month,

And you lot are quite literally,

Giving me the hump.


 Let’s be at one with nature,

Let crows have the odd squawk,

Let trees rustle in the wind,

And no one gets to talk!”


6 thoughts on “MOTHER CROW’S PROTEST – Another piece of ‘silly’ verse for the grandchildren!

  1. That’s a cute poem. It’s a story too. I’m sure it wasn’t inspired by my daft story about the gnome and the donkey who liked blackberries…

    1. Thanks for that – I wrote it a while ago yet ’tis an honour that you draw the comparison. I am having a bout of satirical block today save for the ‘JC and Mary’ skit. Also, I am keen to post the piece I mentioned yesterday ‘A Literal Being’ about my youngest totally dyslexic lad living in his monochrome world yet need to seek his permission first. Lastly, (selfish I know) keep the stories coming – they add a measure of culture to a mind that drifts in, arguably, the wrong direction most times!

      1. Thanks for that. I look forward to reading this piece. Not easy to write well. I’ve written a few first person pieces on the subject and in every case they turned into a kind of magic realism. Same when I wrote that poem on dementia – both my parents have recently died from it. Always ends up a kind of sardonic, clipped play around with different realities. Good to explore these areas though. Knowing your writing, you’re do an unusual take on it…

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