‘EARWIG BAITING’ – A cause I once fought for (boring yet true)!



A long time ago, at the age of about 16 years I – for reasons I never even understood at the time – thought it a good wheeze to write a letter to the Egyptian Embassy in London expressing my concern about that nation’s attitude to the subject of, ‘Earwig Baiting!’  Much to my amazement I even got a reply.  In essence their response articulated the point that, following some research, insofar as they were aware they could not find any evidence, either currently or historically, of any incidents of ‘Earwig Baiting’ in Egypt.  They went on the add that should I be able to provide concrete proof to support my case then they would readily make further enquiries as they felt such cruelty, if actually taking place there, should be outlawed!

I wrote back thanking them for their prompt reply yet pointing out that I already knew ‘Earwig Baiting’ was not prevalent there and that I merely was expressing my concern that it wasn’t!  I even enclosed a photograph of the young ‘me’ wearing a tee-shirt I had had printed up with the emblem across the chest stating, ‘EARWIG SOUP IS FINE BY ME.’  Obviously they marked me down as a complete tosser (true) and all communication with ceased forthwith!

The thing that concerns me looking back is that, at the time of this exchange of correspondence, I hadn’t yet embarked on my relatively brief exploration of the world of social drugs use!


The ‘earwig baiting’ episode was long since locked somewhere in my hard drive; forgotten in other words – yet just today on the most worthy of worthy blogs ‘Changing Skin and other stories’ compiled by a person who – unlike satirical me – can write wrote a piece about earwigs!  Strange things trigger memories – even irrelevant ones like this!



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