HE EVEN IRONED HIS OWN SOCKS – A plain ‘silly’ piece of verse!



The man she fell in love with,

Ticked most every box,

Erudite and caring,

He even ironed his own socks.


He whisked her off to Paris,

To Rome and to Madrid,

Yet that day in Bethnal Green with her,

He borrowed 200 quid.


That was, she thought, the turning point,

For he did not pay her back,

So one Friday evening,

She gave him the sack.


She pondered the point over,

And not wishing to be rude,

That Nigel’s bottom line was,

Sex, more sex and food.


“What is wrong with that?” he’d cried,

It’s what I’m designed for,

“And since you raised the subject,

Don’t you lay down the law.”


Stereotypical male he was,

She could read him like a book,

Each move he’d made predictable,

Shame though, he could cook,


Cook most gorgeous curries,

Cuisine she would die for,

And bake cakes fit for a princess,

Yet she’d shown him the door.


Yes he had his attributes,

Yes he’d kept her warm,

Yet in the end she was pleased,

He’d sampled a woman’s scorn.






3 thoughts on “HE EVEN IRONED HIS OWN SOCKS – A plain ‘silly’ piece of verse!

  1. This is awesome.. I truly enjoy your work.. It is incredily funny yet so clever and savvy.. And always thought provoking! Caro

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