THE GOAT’S WERE A MOTLEY CREW – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



In backwaters far away,

From the bustling city now,

Matilda found some peace and quiet,

Even bought herself a cow,


A goat, a dog and chickens,

And a rooster too,

And geese of course, although she found,

The goats a motley crew.


She planted up the brussel sprouts,

Sweet corn and runner beans,

Her backyard small holding,

Was like nothing ever seen,


Before upon the planet,

‘How so?’ The doubters ask,

Well Matilda forgot the fences,

An obvious neglected task.


Her animals did scatter,

Except the dog of course,

They wandered far and wide you know,

Yet maybe it could be worse.


You see Matilda really did,

Like what see did see,

When her livestock all rushed home to her,

Because they knew she’d feed them tea.


“Crikey, what a result,

I need no longer feel so tense,

But tomorrow, yes tomorrow,

I’ll go and buy a fence.”


5 thoughts on “THE GOAT’S WERE A MOTLEY CREW – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

    1. God how I miss custard. Must be two decades since I’ve tasted it…I recall once feeling compelled to throw a custard pie at Margaret Thatcher yet never actually did it (shame on me of course).

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