From a war torn nation,

A place so very far away,

There came an honest man,

Who once did have to say,


“Although I’m black,

And I am gay,

And I was born,

Outside the UK,


Will you please allow me in?

Be inclined let me in to stay,

To take sanctuary in your great land,

Whose laws I will obey.


For home to me is home no more,

The regime there, well they,

Torture, maim and kill my kind,

And there is no other way.


Look I’m sorry to be asking,

Yet I’ll work hard to repay,

Any kindness you can offer,

And I thank you anyway.”


Yet this ‘great’ land of ours,

Under storm clouds dark and grey,

Did say to this poor fellow,

“Get on yer bike son; got that; OK?”


In this future here imagined,

Farage and his array,

Of racist, fascist homophobes,

Run a country without fair play.


And that is where we leave it,

The immigrant can only pray,

Back home on a one way ticket,

Because he was black and gay.



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