‘NOBBY THE LYRICAL’ – THE KINDLY TORTURER A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



Legend says ‘Nobby the Lyrical,’

Sang melodies at work,

His job was dungeon guardsman,

His tasks he never shirked.


He doubled as a torturer,

And whistled as he cranked,

The wheel of the dreaded rack,

This duty went un-thanked,


By the wretched souls,

Who were imprisoned in his gaol,

Protesting of their innocence,

My how sometimes they did wail.


Yet Nobby had a kind heart,

And when opportunity arose,

He’d merely give the wheel a tweak,

Which saved the lives of those,


Who he felt had done no harm,

Who had nothing to confess,

It was those who Nobby sang to,

And here I must digress.


For Nobby had a cracking voice,

All genres he could sing,

From sentimental ballads,

To heavy metal and rapping.


This brought consolation,

To distressed souls in their plight,

Nobby the Lyrical helped them,

And when he could he helped their flight,


Out of gaol to freedom,

At a safe house known to him,

Decked out with the best hi-fi,

A sauna and a gym.


Such thing were a great bonus,

Back in the Middle Ages,

And even Joan of Arc herself,

Sang out old Nobby’s praises.


For Nobby he had mentored her,

Cunning, covert escape,

From her English captors,

Who wished to burn her at the stake.


Not a lot of people know this,

Yet Joan of Arc was not consumed by fire,

So should you be told otherwise,

The teller is a liar.


For Nobby the old socialist,

Worked the system from within,

He showed a little mercy,

To those living without sin.


This piece of ‘silly’ verse follows on from the story I posted a couple of days ago, ‘Prison Guard sings Bohemian Rhapsody for Joan of Arc.’ The link is below;




3 thoughts on “‘NOBBY THE LYRICAL’ – THE KINDLY TORTURER A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

    1. Actually and thinking about it I owe you a major apology. It has just dawned on me that had you not noted that ‘only the Brits could make a torturer ‘kind’ – or words to that effect I’d have never of thought of this piece. You deserved credit for that – SO IF ANY ONE READS THESE COMMENTS PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED by A van NEREL at;

      1. Oh, you’re too kind…then again, you’re British, so that’s to be expected.
        Expect a shout out to your blog on mine sometime today or tomorrow. I’m writing a blog featuring a list of things I learned from fellow bloggers to celebrate my 100th post.

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