ON HOW THE YOUNG JEAN-PAUL SARTRE BECAME A PHILOSOPHER – A caption to a randomly selected picture!



Pierre: “I say Jean-Paul how do you think she does that?”

Jean-Paul: “Well, although it’s the obvious answer I have already rejected my first idea that she farts helium gas as ridiculous for that would surely kill her.”

Pierre: “Do you have a second take on the issue at hand because for my part I’m getting nothing?”

Jean-Paul: “I suppose she may have allergies and has chosen to be encased thus. The problem with that theory however is that it offers no insight as to exactly how she remains airborne.”

Pierre: “How very true.”

Jean-Paul: “Do you hear her Pierre? I believe she speaks. Crikey Pierre, she smiled and said with an ecstatic air: ‘It shines like a little diamond,’”*

Pierre: “What does?”

Jean-Paul: “This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.” *

Pierre: “Well knock me down with a feather. What does that mean?”

Jean-Paul: “Bolloxed if I know!”

*Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason


6 thoughts on “ON HOW THE YOUNG JEAN-PAUL SARTRE BECAME A PHILOSOPHER – A caption to a randomly selected picture!

  1. Where oh where do you find these pictures? And where oh where does your mind come up with its backstories? Farting helium? That’s toilet humour for intellectuals! Brilliant. (Humour this brilliant deserves to be spelled with that British ‘u’ in front of the ‘r’)
    May I be so bold as to expand on your theory? The woman in the picture could have been a Nazi experiment following the Hindenburg disaster. After learning the hard way hydrogen can ignite when you look at the wrong way, they needed helium. Only helium I believe was in short supply in Nazi Germany. Say what you will about Nazis, but they were creative at times, like this one, when they genetically altered a woman to fart helium.
    If that doesn’t explain it, then I’m just as bolloxed as Jean-Paul.

    1. Helium is indeed a killer – especially so within an enclosed space, to fart thus would make the poor woman a valuable commodity the Allies would have been most interested in. A Nazi experiment has a certain appeal – lets face it they did enough of them. Good surreal thinking though – also I did comment recently (I think it was one of those lost in the ether) that you simply put the word ‘surreal’ next to whatever it is in Google you’re looking for then click on ‘images.’ Best of luck.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Will try that, since I recently caved into this whole internet meme thing and started coughing up my own.
        I look forward to your next caption. They’re just a great testament to what a creative mind is capable of!

    1. In truth I tried for a one-liner yet fell at the first hurdle – the picture Shirl gave me was, however, so good I simply couldn’t let it go. My first stab at it lent itself to the ‘Carry On…’ genre in that it was a debate as to, ‘was she, or wasn’t she wearing….’ That however didn’t assist with her being in midair.

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