THE VIGILANTE WANDERS – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



The vigilante wanders,

The victim’s super hero,

Titanic effort he applies,

Smiting evil down to zero.


Whether wicked in small doses,

Whether rotten to the core,

If you’re out then he will entrap you,

He will settle the score.


The vigilante wanders,

A never ending quest,

No use hiding he will find you,

The clenched fist doth beat his breast.


The vigilante wanders,

His intervention most divine,

He’ll offer more than prayers for you,

He’ll put his life on the line.


But what of judge and jury,

What part do they play?

A culprit’s not a culprit,

Until the Court has had its say.


The vigilante wanders,

He cares not the slightest jot,

When he’s sure of who is guilty,

Like a blow fly they’ll be swat.


Yet if we were all vigilantes,

Then a quandary is to be had,

For a place where only good is left,

Does not know good from bad.


One thought on “THE VIGILANTE WANDERS – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

  1. I’m not that familiar with Leonard Cohen’s work, but I imagine this would be something he could’ve written (although I was of course primed when you mentioned him earlier today)…
    Keep the poems coming, please. It makes me feel smart to read them;)

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