Held hostage,

Concrete and tarmac.

No running away,

Car horns never catch him by surprise.


There is a fee for parking tickets and love.

What price a dream?



She left with curls in her hair,

A wig?

A re-invention?

Certainly the curls were not there before.


A hard man when he threatens.

A wimp in unfamiliar places.

A liar, of course.


Only the priest knows,

A guess maybe,

Certainly no confession,

He has no faith,

Long lost.


Elle a un genre ami,

Nothing more than that,

The boxer,

Has cauliflower ears,

Brain befuddled.

The boxer loved her too,

The boxer welcomes idiots and scribes for philosophers,

Aches for her.


She belongs to the Mistral now,

The southbound wind,

Wrong direction,

Whispered words of sympathy are just imagination then?


Tells himself it matters not,

He is the peasant,

The pagan,

The villager.


Neither he nor the lust of the beer-bellied sailors will capture this one.

She is free of all of this.


Late at night he pens her a letter.

No forwarding address,

No impediment.

He forgets that each sentence must be a precious one.

Should have remembered that.




For a fleeting moment he almost cared.




    1. Thank you. I don’t deserve maestro though – this is only the 4th one I’ve ever written. The first was the Sandman and St Peter one the other day which I wrote in seconds when overdosing on St John’s Wort last Feb. The other three this week just fell out of my head – ’tis killing my comedy writing writing presently. Jekyll & Hyde and all that – but thank you again, words of appreciation from one, like you, who writes so very well mean a lot.

      1. A cheek I know but may I ask of you – when and if (given it is the festive season) you get a chance to take a look at;
        It was a more serious piece in a style (subliminally I think) that was influenced by your own quite wonderfully sublime writing. I’m getting into this new way of writing and criticism good or bad would be appreciated. If this is the cheek I
        think it maybe then don’t worry or feel obliged to review the ramblings of one old fool!

      2. Of course I will. I’ve been tardy of late – pressing ‘like’ instead of giving feedback – there’s so much happening. It’s difficult sometimes to know whether to give feedback or not. I don’t generally do so unless invited. I’ll take a look in the next twenty four hours, but remember it’s only my opinion! 🙂

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