THE DEMISE OF PARADISE – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



“Take one bite of this apple,”

To Adam did say Eve,

“For you’ll see me in a different light,

A much better one I believe.


Right now our relationship,

Is like The Emperor’s New Clothes in reverse,

For you see me not as naked,

And I find that such a curse!


For how are we to procreate,

If it is the case you do not,

Think of me attractive,

Think of me as ‘hot’?”


And so it was that Adam,

Bit off a great big chunk,

And that was when to Eve at least,

He became a ‘hunk.’


And whatever one might say,

Of the demise of paradise,

The love this pair encountered,

Was stupendous, not just nice!


7 thoughts on “THE DEMISE OF PARADISE – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

  1. “The Emperor’s New Clothes in reverse”…that is very true.
    A good friend of mine used to be a Jehovah’s Witness. Their belief states that after the icky parts of the bible have occurred and the Earth is scattered with corpses of those that chose the wrong faith (bummer for them), all Jehovah’s Witnesses past and present will live in paradise, just as described in Genesis. The thing is, in all the pictures you find of Jehovah’s Witnesses living happy eternal lives in paradise, they’re wearing clothes…which is odd, because clothes are the fruit of eating an apple, isn’t it?
    Ah well, I just realized that after reading your poem, which as usual was great food food for the mind.

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