GUY FAWKES & THE LOBSTER – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



Summary justice to a lobster,

Is to be boiled alive I say so,

Its right up there with hung, drawn and quartered,

Believe me I’m a lobster I know!


And yet as I drift through the ether,

In this afterlife I go with the flow,

I bumped into a bloke they call Guy Fawkes,

And to my point he agreed but although,


He perceived that with him being human,

His capacity to feel pain outweighed mine,

My riposte though was to explain to him,

“How dare you belittle me sunshine.


At least your remains were not eaten,

Scoffed in the gobs of mankind,

At least you were tried and found guilty,

Even though your appeal was declined.”


So next time you’re boiling a lobster,

A live one the like of which once was me,

Consider that my only crime was,

Just crawling around in the sea!


3 thoughts on “GUY FAWKES & THE LOBSTER – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

    1. Do keep eating your lobster – twas one of my very favourites prior to Type 2 diabetes. Controlling it with a vegetarian diet thankfully hasn’t turned me into a ‘bully’ veggie so in essence I don’t know where this bit of silly verse came from! Thank you for your comment – and it is pleasing to see you have published. Rest assured I shall use my Christmas vouchers to purchase same.

  1. I’m not a vegetarian, but I doubt I could eat a lobster after seeing is being boiled alive…I did eat lobster on a few occasions, but it’s just too much work to unwrap it…so I’ll stay away from lobsters next year (out of laziness, but still)

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