For our lovely brave womenfolk,

Seeing the physician triggers no alarms,

They are prepared for indignities,

Yet unlike men have no qualms.


Blokes will delay visiting a doctor,

When they fear of trouble ‘down below,’

Well in truth and in reality,

Most men do although,


If men weren’t so embarrassed,

To visit the quack thus,

More would get treated early,

And avoid all of the fuss,


Of leaving it all too late,

Burying their heads in the sands,

And eventually costing the NHS,

Many, many grands,


In expensive treatments,

Often to no avail,

Yet if treated early enough,

Such cure might succeed and not fail.


So I have come up with an idea,

That should appeal to most men,

Get your ‘bits’ checked out at a clinic,

Run by buxom, delicious nurse Jen!


For Jen doth have about her,

Assets that may contrive,

A desire for a consultation,

And thus more chaps would survive,


Without the need for surgery,

And as she leans to check out your ‘bits,’

There is an added bonus for,

When you glance down you’ll eyeball her………patient notes she’s formulated regarding your case!


I had read somewhere that when it comes to getting checked out at the doctors men fall way, way behind women statistically hence more men die of things that maybe wouldn’t have killed them had they got seen to earlier. It was with this in mind that I penned this piece of ‘silly’ verse!



  1. Sadly though, in real life, nurses don’t wear clothes like that. And they jab you with needles, especially when you’re not looking. But if Nurse Jen really does begin working in a hospital, I’m so going there 🙂

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