I fed you; wined you and dined you,

To you I did confess,

You told me the meal was gourmet,

You even took a note of my address.


The thing is, now that you’ve found me,

You cannot leave me alone,

Le chien noir you are here to feed again,

You’re the dog and I am the bone.


I changed address to try and lose you,

But you sniffed me out somehow,

Your fangs rip fragments from my soul,

And you know that that I cannot allow.


So I built a great wall all about me,

Thought it would stop you from getting back in,

But you just dug a great tunnel,

Whatever I do, I can’t win.


Enervated and with bloated belly,

You make a reluctant getaway,

My soul in time will heal once more,

Yet you will be back I am sure another day.


Le Chien Noir you are always hungry,

Le Chien Noir always tugging at your lead,

Le Chien Noir you are never grateful,

Le Chien Noir always consumed by such greed.

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