CARNAL APTITUDE – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



You always walked the high wire,

Without a safety net,

You were both brave and foolish,

Now I’m cursed not to forget,


The day you turned on a sixpence,

The day you sent me away,

Stole a pistol from your father’s study,

And blew your brains away.


The day they buried you was,

One of bright sunshine,

Many came to see you off,

Most said, ‘she once was mine!’


That’s when the unseemly fight broke out,

A bundle of true lovers,

Each believing you loved him the best,

Forgetting all men are brothers.


Oh but such shenanigans,

Caused by your carnal aptitude,

You see no man could keep the pace,

Certainly none within this multitude,


Of your mourning former beaus,

Oh, how we ended up so bruised,

You were an independent girl,

And not one to be used.


And although I’m only guessing,

A thought sits in my head,

Was the reason that you topped yourself,

Something that I said?


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