Palms caressing,

Slightly sweaty,

Fingers entwined,

Sublime promise,

They walk; they talk,

They may laugh,

They may cry,

All tears are jewels.


They see swans,


Shop window,

A beret she likes,


He buys,

She wears,


More laughter,

Tonight holds promises.


Tomorrow hereafter?



A small child,





The circle turns.


Palms caressing,

Slightly sweaty…….


23 thoughts on “A BERET SHE LIKES

    1. Thank you for your comment and your question. My wife Shirley has always worn beret’s. 28 years on she still dons them. The circle bit I nicked from Joni Mitchell. I guess we’re lucky. Thanks again.

    2. I have just read again my reply from last evening. I should have said I ‘nicked’ the circle concept from said Joni – not I stress the words! Plainly that would be wrong.

  1. Very nice, my friend. Your use of rhythm here is particularly impressive and effective. It is very difficult to do that. The tendency many fall into when attempting it is to become sing-songy and trite. I’m very impressed, and it is a very lovely poem.

    1. Cheers – it is an excursion is this poetry thing. Sometimes they work; sometimes less so. Same thing with the satire. Can’t stay focused yet it was your posts that made me bring back JC so I’ll be back on the case anytime now.

      1. I’m with that self proclaimed Nobel Prize winner on this one…Not that your poems ever rely on cliches, but I’m also impressed by this one’s metric structure and it’s apparent simplicity (I say apparent, because I’d imagine finding the right words is more difficult when you only allow yourself a few syllables per line)…and apart from this one being pleasant to read from a technical point of view, it made me feel protected and safe (it’s a poem that has effectively muted my sarcasm/cynism, which doesn’t happen that often).

      2. Trick is to keep firing away. I do a lot of improvisational comedy. MOST of the skits fall flat, but the trick is to keep firing away. I love it. Shakespeare too. I’m gonna write me some satire on authorship wackos next!

      3. Yeah, Mike kinda found a way to shut both of us up it seems;)
        Look forward to your take on authorship…kind of a sensitive issue: feel free to copy anything from my site without asking permission. I won’t tell Bill Maher, I promise;)

      4. The only thing sensitive involving the Shakespeare authorship nonsense is the grey matter in the heads of the conspiracy whack jobs thinking it. They’re brains are sensitive from all the years of being idiots.

      5. Oh my bad, I thought you were referring to copyright laws and not so much Shakespeare being more than one person, which of course he totally was, because one moment he looks like Joseph Fiennes and the other he’s a striking image of Colin Firth…so there you go.

      6. What a pleasure to wake up and find a debate twixt two bloggers I admire greatly.The sad thing is in my addled morning fog I have nothing relevant to add – bollocks!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Seems to me from what you have written you didn’t need to buy the beret! We are just 35 minutes from France here and as I write I’ve just booked our first trip of the year. Lille old quarter this time – we adore the way you can squeeze history out of the air in winter there.

    1. Thank you. I am only just in the process of reading your blog so forgive me if it takes a little time to come back to you – I am however enjoying all that I have read thus far. I shall be back to you!

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