THE PLIGHT OF OVER QUALIFIED – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!



Her name was Dr Alison Carpenter,

BA (Hons); MA; PhD,

Yet she couldn’t find herself a job,

When she finished university.


By then she found she owed the State,

In the form of a Student Loan,

A sum in excess of 50 grand,

The thought of that just made her groan.


And so it was with great reluctance,

Alison came to a decisive conclusion,

In her mind she’s treat her Student Loan,

As no more than just an illusion.


It was with that very thought in mind,

Now that of pressure she was free,

That she placed an ad in the newsagents,

In the hope some punters might agree,


To avail themselves of her services,

As her advert it did describe,

“No task too small; no matter what,”

To her services many did subscribe.


You see when she considered her surname,

A thought came into her head,

For if she was to work and earn money,

She’d retrain as a carpenter instead!


6 thoughts on “THE PLIGHT OF OVER QUALIFIED – A piece of ‘silly’ verse!

  1. Very fitting…basically sums up the times we live in. Countless people with a nice degree unable to get a job,then forced to take a job as…well, as a carpenter for instance. (I’ve been there…last time I lived in Europe (the Netherlands to be exact) my fancy looking psychology degree landed me a career as telemarketerS:

      1. Maybe a part time shitty job to support his part time passion of creating music, as long as it takes until enough people have heard it for that passion to become full time?

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