ARTIST’S BLOCK! A particularly ‘silly’ tale



Van Gogh: “Got any new paintings on the go Gauguin my friend?” 

Gauguin: “New paintings my arse. You know I just can’t get in the zone. Try as I may the subject matter is eluding me. Bloody nuisance I say.” 

Van Gogh: “As it happens I’m in the same boat. Can’t even think of a doodle at the minute. Not even a nifty etching. It’s doing my brain in I can tell you.” 

Gauguin: “Know how you feel mate. Still there’s always that little bar over the road. A quick absinthe might just do the trick. You up for it?” 

Van Gogh: “Do what, ‘Colours changing hue’ I am – so long as you’re paying as I’m skint.” 

Gauguin: “Who’s that bird with no kit on? What’s she doing here?” 

Van Gogh: “F**ked if I know.” 

Gauguin: “Oi luv what the bloody hell are you thinking of coming in here without a by your leave and dropping the lot! You’ll catch your death of cold. Best you get dressed now and make sure you wear a vest or you’ll get a chill in your kidneys.” 

Gauguin and Van Gogh take their leave. 

Van Gogh: “Look at that Gauguin mate, no light pollution this evening then. Starry, starry night or what.  There’ll be a frost mind.”


12 thoughts on “ARTIST’S BLOCK! A particularly ‘silly’ tale

      1. Well, if my memory serves, I believe part of the ‘reason’ Van Gogh cut off his ear was a fight he had with Gaugain, so I assume your tale takes place before that…wonderful writing! The Starry starry night at the end is actually rather poignant. I’m not at all an expert on the art of painting, but I love Van Gogh’s work…his paintings really show what a beautiful mind the guy had, albeit it disturbed…probably disturbed by all its beauty. I’d like to think both Van Gogh and Gaugain would have appreciated this piece.

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