Very young Crystal: “What’s up Hugh? You look so down in the dumps.”

Very old Hugh: “Well luv I’ve just had the editor of the mag round asking me what are we going to use for next month’s centrefold and you know I’m totally stuck for ideas.”

Very young Crystal: “What a shame.”

Very old Hugh: “Too bloody true it is. It’s as if me minds as dead as a dodo’s dick. God knows how we’ll meet the deadline for going to print.”

Very young Crystal: “What are all these pictures of photo-shoots of entirely naked international and much fabled sex symbols lying supine upon zebra skin mats and such like doing on the kitchen table?”

Very old Hugh: “Oh those – someone dropped them off a while ago. Look don’t distract me for I have much deep thinking to do here.”

Very young Crystal: “Never mind I’m sure you’ll get an idea soon enough. Anyway I’m off to see me golfing coach; catch you later.”

Very old Hugh: “Don’t you need a club?”

Very young Crystal: “God no, he said he just wanted to cop a look at me swing today.”



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