Hemingway: “Christ Jimmy boy I’ve got a thirst you could photograph.”

Joyce: “Me too; what’s your poison?”

Hemingway: “Bugger me I haven’t got a clue. Can’t think of what I want.”

Joyce: “I’m in the same boat Ernie. I was looking forward to this little soiree and now this. I’m bolloxed.”

Hemingway: “Name a drink; any drink – we’ll knock back whatever you name.”

Joyce: “Give us a minute I’m still thinking………no, not a thing.”

Hemingway: “I’m only getting J20 orange juice and passion fruit flavour – f**k me I can’t believe I just said that!”

Joyce: “Anymore more talk like that I’m unfriending you off me Facebook page.”

Hemingway: “Stuff this for a game of soldiers I’m off round the kebab shop. You coming?”

Joyce: “Reckon I am.”

Hemingway: “I’ve always wondered what a kebab tastes like sober.”

Joyce: “Guess we’re going to find out then Ernie.”


21 thoughts on “HEMINGWAY & JAMES JOYCE SUFFER ‘DRINKER’S BLOCK’ – A ‘silly’ tale!

  1. Too bad Ernest didn’t actually do things like this more often, and drink less. He may have been around in a decent mental state far longer than he was. These two fellas together, WOW! The drinking they must’ve done. Nice piece. Two of my favorite writers, BTW. Ever try reading “Finnegan’s Wake”? Jesus, what an enigma!

    1. In all seriousness, Kebab could have been a life saver for Hemingway…
      I really enjoy these silly dialogues…please keep ’em coming (at risk of sounding a bit too demanding, but I guess it means I’m a fan; fans are demanding;))

      1. I think – subject to Shirley agreeing – I’ve got a couple of good ones in the locker. It’s been difficult to ‘blog’ these past few days in that we have an old friend over from Canada and we’ve been showing her around – it was only when doing so I realized, as with nicotine, I’m addicted to this blogging thing!

      2. I know, blogging is probably more addictive than morphine;)
        Have fun showing the place around, though…it’s always kinda nice to see your own world through the eyes of a tourist.

      3. It is becoming an addiction for reasons I cannot clearly understand. I guessing it’s not the writing of ones own blog more the variety of stuff I get to read in the ones I follow – ‘variety’ being the operative word. Anyway she’s off back to Canada now having seen, through rain and wind, the delights of Hell Fire Corner as this area is still known by – WW2 tag.

    2. Thanks for the comment. Shamefully I have never read James Joyce but will make a start with Finnegan’s Wake. I am an avid fan of Hemingway though. ‘A Moveable Feast’ albeit non fiction gives an insight into his head as a young man and life in Paris in the 1920’s.

      1. Cheers. The missus has just handed me ‘Portrait…’ pointing out she’s told me to read it for years! I guessing that’s my next read then. Thanks again.

  2. This is so cool. As a literary blogger, I write about Hemingway often on my blog, so I was hooked at the title! Such an interesting way to understand the characters of these writers in a different way. Great read.

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