A THREE LEGGED DOG’S OWN FLEA – A ‘silly’ bordering on stupid verse!


There’s a woman up the road from me,

She’s got a one eyed cat,

Plus a dog with three legs,

And a seemingly healthy bat.


I pass her in the street sometimes,

She does not talk to me,

Except the time, when locked out,

I helped her find her key.


It was on that one occasion,

That curious, I asked,

“How come your dog with three legs,

Can run so very fast?”


She looked me up and down a bit,

Considered her reply,

“Not only can my dog run fast,

At full moon he doth fly.


And that’s not all,” she added,

Her cat sat at her side,

“When I get my broomstick out,

He comes with me for the ride”


I thought about what she had said,

I thought both long and hard,

I think my neighbour is a witch,

I’d better be on my guard.


Recently I’ve noticed,

When passing by her door,

She and her bat hung upside down,

Whilst her cat sits on the floor.


I would really like to have asked,

Why she sleeps this way,

But just a tad concerned I am,

So I go on my way.


Still, this woman is a talking point,

For me and all my mates,

We wonder if she casts spells,

Or with warlocks, goes on dates.


Best keep myself to myself,

Best not to intrude,

Mustn’t be too pushy,

Don’t want to appear too rude


For if I were to upset her,

She may use her trickery,

To turn me into, well, perhaps,

A three legged dog’s own flea!



11 thoughts on “A THREE LEGGED DOG’S OWN FLEA – A ‘silly’ bordering on stupid verse!

    1. Thank you – do you know I hadn’t a satirical thought in my head, totally dried up. So I thought a ‘silly’ verse and this thing unfolded. I have written chunks of these things for the grandchildren so maybe you’re onto a good idea here. Cheers.

  1. She’s lucky she didn’t live a few hundred years ago…Witch trials tended to be rather biased, but the evidence in this case is quite overwhelming. She sounds like a nice lady, though.

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