Having bedded women of all ages, races and sizes over many years, lover of international renown, Derek Wiggins was at a loss to understand just why his interest in all matters carnal had gone AWOL.  Desperate for a cure Derek sought out and thereafter attended Dr Svetlana Gotalotski’s Harley Street Clinic for ‘Hopeless Romantics’ in anticipation of discovering just what was wrong. 

Following a number of outlandish tests Dr Sventlana was able to accurately diagnose Derek’s rare condition as ‘Lothario’s Block.’  However finding a cure proved very difficult.  Following many months of various therapies she eventually thought she’d have one last try. An extreme measure, yet one she felt couldn’t fail.  Even so, despite her best endeavours she, in the end, had to admit she had failed. A little chilly after perching near naked upon a table for seven hours she reluctantly got dressed took of her leave and forwarded a note of her charges to Derek’s abode.


8 thoughts on “DEREK WIGGINS SUFFERS FROM ‘LOTHARIOS BLOCK’ – A ‘silly’ caption!

    1. Thank you. As one who has scant PC skills – i.e. virtually none – may I ask a question? Do I post with the logo plus the 7 things and the 15 others as I would a normal post? Sorry to sound thick, and again thanks. Regards.

      1. Mike,

        Yes. At least, that’s what I did. I copied the logo to my desktop, then uploaded it to WP in the Media tool as an admin. I opened a new post, added the log, then the rest is like a regular posting. Listing the other blogs to recommend is best done as a list, I think. There’s a little button in the editor tool bar for that. I wrote the names of the blogs, then went to each in a separate window and copied the URL. On your post, then, you’d select the name of the blog, click on the link button in the editor tool bar, and paste the URL in the top box. It’s a little tedious, but that’s about it.

        Finally, you would visit each recommended blog’s About page (if they have one) and post a note as I did to you, with a link back to your blog so they can see what it’s all about and how it’s formatted.

        That took the most time, but it’s going to bring more views to your blog.

        All the best. It was an easy decision to recommend you, by the way. I hope you continue to post your thoughtful creations and findings.

      2. Many thanks for the time you’ve put into the reply – it is appreciated. I shall have a go! You will note that I have the most basic blog design – it took me 3 days and much foul language to get that far! My son had bellowed instructions at me to the extent that I didn’t take in a word! Still you have provided a clarity he denied me.
        Thanks again.

    1. Cheers – Svetlana seems to be a character who surfaces more and more these days. I think that as we are not that far from Dover (a place where many Svetlana’s arrive in the UK) I’ve latched onto this multiculturalism thing. Still she seems like a nice girl.

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