Joan Baez: “Whatcha Bobby boy how’s it going with that song of yours you reckon is going to become an anthem for your generation and will take you to both fame and fortune?”

Bob: “Not good at all Joan me luv. Two months gone now and all I’ve got is a few verses and a bit of a melody. It’s the crucial line that’s got me flummoxed.”

Joan Baez:  “How so?”

Bob: “Well I’ve got this bit, ‘The answer my friend is blowing ……’ and that’s about the strength of it. I’ve tried to work with, ‘The answer my friend is blowing quite a lot,’ yet that’s doesn’t sound the dog’s bollocks like I’d like it too.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, honest I don’t.  Any ideas?”

Joan Baez: “None, I’m suffering a bit of strife on the old lyrical process front meself these days. Tell you what do you fancy a quick one? You never know it might just get the old creative juices flowing again.”

Bob: “OK then – sounds a plan.”

Joan Baez: “Good thing you kept the day job down Poundland if you think about it.”

Bob: “How very true. F**k me it’s blowing one hell of a wind outside.”


15 thoughts on “BOB DYLAN SUFFERS FROM LYRICIST’S ‘BLOCK’ – A ‘silly’ tale!

    1. ’twas the melody he came up with in just a few minutes. He then thought he must have accidentally plagiarized it; he checked around and found he hadn’t. His first stab at the lyrics went, ‘Scrambled eggs oh baby how I love your legs.’ (True). The rest is history.

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