MAGIC IS MY LIVING SOUL – A Gothic Tale told in verse!



Consumed by the need for an Earl Grey,

I took the short cut via the cemetery,

There I met a fair young wench,

Who turned about and said me,


“If you look down you can see Heaven,

If you look up you can see Hell”,

What uncommonly oblique words to hear,

From one little more than a girl.


Yet she just kept right on talking,

Saying things that made me think,

She must somehow be mad or worse,

Perhaps on drugs or drink?


Down in that gothic cemetery,

And perched on some ancient gravestone,

She looked all about the daunting place,

Making sure that we were alone.


That is when she whispered,

“The ghosts they must not hear,

What I’ve got to say to you,

Have you got that clear?”


Plainly I nodded in cryptic agreement,

Thinking I must escape and make my way,

That is when she spat out the words,

“All hearts are made of clay”.


So I offered her my condolences,

For any faith that she may have lost,

Yet all she could reply to me,

Was, “You don’t know the cost,


Of living every single day,

Locked inside my own head,

Hearing all the chilling voices,

Of the unholy living dead.”


I told her what she needed,

Was a form of help I could not give,

But she just stared into my eyes,

And said, “I want to live.


For I am just a metaphor,

Of all the lies of man,

I can sense you are a conjurer,

Help me if you can.”


“What’s my magic got to do with this?”

Was all that I could think to say,

Pondering all the time now,

Of a polite way to get away.


Dusk fell upon the graveyard,

The mist stole her from me,

I searched the best that I could for her,

But she was lost to infinity.


Did I ever meet that girl,

Was she ever there,

Or was she just a figment,

An epitaph for my fear.


And so I took of my leave,

Still believing on the whole,

Not in any after life for,

Magic is my living soul.


13 thoughts on “MAGIC IS MY LIVING SOUL – A Gothic Tale told in verse!

  1. Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart
    How the music can free her, whenever it starts
    And it’s magic, if the music is groovy
    It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie
    I’ll tell you about the magic MIKE, and it’ll free your soul
    But it’s like trying to tell a stranger ’bout rock and roll

    If you believe in magic don’t bother to choose
    If it’s jug band music or rhythm and blues
    Just go and listen it’ll start with a smile
    It won’t wipe off your face no matter how hard you try
    Your feet start tapping and you can’t seem to find
    How you got there, so just blow your mind

    If you believe in magic, come along with me MIKE
    We’ll dance until morning ’til there’s just you and me
    And maybe, if the music is right
    I’ll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night
    And we’ll go dancing, baby, then you’ll see
    How the magic’s in the music and the music’s in me!

    (Lyrics by Lovin’ Spoonful)

    1. What a wonderful comment – my thanks. Do you know back in the day I once bumped into John Sebastion as he was strolling along the High Street in Twickenham with Pete Townsend. The extent of our conversation was me apologizing to him for said bump and him saying, ‘Cool man’ in reply! Thanks again.

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