Tracey: “Oh bollocks I’ve just gone and made me bed. Look Charles, it was meant to be a consummate work of subliminal modern artistic content serving to both inspire and bemuse.  Don’t know what I was thinking of. F**k it. I’ve lost me mojo I think?”

Charles Saatchi: “Trace luv don’t be so hard on yourself – its genius. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – well at least not since the missus left.  You know I’d strangle for a piece like that. Tell you what; I’ll give you two million spondoolies if I can take it away now.”

Tracey: “Done deal Chas – buggered if I know where I’m going to sleep tonight though.”


6 thoughts on “TRACEY EMIN SUFFERS ‘ARTIST’S BLOCK’ – A ‘silly’ story!

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