‘BIRD FACTOR’ – A very ‘silly’ verse!



Jack the Crow did gangster rapping,

Up high in his old tree,

Chantal the Gull sung power ballads,

At the seaside, on the quay.


Peter Sparrow tweeted,

In places far and wide,

Just where the fancy took him,

With no bird at his side.


Then an impresario,

Had a good idea,

Let’s have a singing contest,

For the birds that all live here.


Seduced by fame and fortune,

And some celebrity,

Many birds did enter,

This singing fest for free.


The Woodpecker was supported,

By her very small Blue Tits,

A Blackbird and a Jenny Wren,

Both sung some Beatles hits.


Each week the birds all voted off,

The ones they didn’t like,

First gone was a Wood Pigeon,

“Get off son, on your bike”.


The next loser was a Budgie,

Followed by a Jay,

Things were hotting up now,

Birds of Britain had their say.


Then the grand finale,

It finished after dark,

The winner was a Nightingale,

Who entered for a Lark!


18 thoughts on “‘BIRD FACTOR’ – A very ‘silly’ verse!

  1. Thanks for the smile after that absolute shocker today… I knew I was right to be scared but I didn’t see that happening… I just hope that our season isn’t derailed now in true Arsenal fashion of yesteryear…

    1. Being a lunchtime kick off on BT George couldn’t decide on attire so he wore his Atheists Atom t-shirt. How wrong he was. I’m not going to watch the ‘highlights’ but I’m guessing for Ozil and co to play football we need a bit of a freeze with hard ground. Still let’s get the bastards back at The Emirates an win the Cup. Also I calculate that – bottom line – 15 points out of whats left secures Europe. I’m not giving up though. In the words of Alan Davies, ‘It’s still on.’ Do you listen to his Arsenal podcast by the way – every one of them is a gem?

    1. You have Steve – it was framed next to your poem in Liz’s cafe. She was kind enough to let us both display our ‘works.’ Only posted it today because I realized I hadn’t put it on WordPress previously. Best of luck with the link I sent you on Facebook – he looks like a good bloke and one of your own.

  2. Awesome take on ‘contest/reality TV’ that’s on so much these days!
    And the picture really captures the feeling of the poem? Did your daughter Ellie drew it before you wrote it or after, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. I wrote this one when I put together a book of verse for children just after we sold our business and I was getting my mind around every day being a holiday. Ellie did lots of art work; book was/is complete the problem was I never got it together to do anything with it!

      1. That’s a shame it seems…I live together with a two year old niece who would no doubt enjoy the pictures your daughter drew and who would definitely appreciate your writing a few years from now.

      2. Cheers. I really must do something with it. My problem was simply that I know what I’m like when I get obsessive about a project. I let it consume me like ‘working for a living’ used to. Maybe enough time has elapsed now for me to have a go.

      3. The writing bit is always fun – I just didn’t want the marketing side of things to engross me as running our business had done. Yet I was lucky to be able to quit work relatively young so maybe, with the lapse of time, a project of sorts would do me good.

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