You visited the place where they made up new rules,

A place that was never a museum for fools,

Those who had entered took a step toward death,

An untimely demise, a stolen last breath.


Your cause it was hopeless; so wicked his dream,

A fool’s messiah, with a depraved scheme,

So you lived under archways; froze in the night,

Yet you supplied footage; just knew it was right.


You were followed by martyrs; adored by the good,

But never forgave those in the shadows, who stood,

Claiming the high ground saying they never saw,

In his name they censored the unwritten law.


As the detested ones faltered, not sure of their fate,

The rabble applauded those who seize hatred’s bait,

Inflicting misery on weary souls lost,

Unwanted, neglected; no one counted the cost,

Of letting them suffer; affording them no graves,

Without names, only numbers they were merely slaves.


The face of the Fuhrer, stares from the wall,

Girl in his bath, he did not know her at all,

Not that he could know her anyway,

He blew his brains out, just yesterday.


Lee Miller showed us what the monster had done,

Froze it in time; now it’s undone,

Heard of the ‘bathhouse,’ no more tragic a scene?

Now Hitler’s dead how ironic that seems,


That the girl in his own bathtub, the previous day,

Took the shots of his evil and sent them away,

To agencies in countries spread far and wide,

Revealing his evil and confirming he’d died.


Lee Miller was a multi-talented lady of free spirit whose life story makes an enthralling read. My inadequate verse deals with her time as a frontline female photographer in WW2. She was there in Dachau when, in April 1945, the camp was liberated and went on to publish her photographs that shocked and educated those far removed from the centre of insanity. Within 24 hours of taking those shots I have read that she and another photographer stumbled upon a flat in Munich belonging to Hitler himself. Needing a bath she took one! You can even see the evil one’s picture upon the side of the bath.



17 thoughts on “HE DID NOT KNOW HER AT ALL

  1. Never heard of here either…this poem got more layers with each and every verse! And the footnote forced me to read it again to fully grasp it. Thank you for stimulating my mind as if you were sadistically tickling a skunk. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

    1. If you get the chance do read her biography – if not Wikipedia and other websites do an OK job. Her own photography plus Man Ray’s using her as is muse is also worth checking out.

    1. Thank you. The life of Lee Miller is, I think a cameo of the period of history she lived in. An amazing lady. I have mentioned to another blogger that her time with Man Ray in Paris as lover and muse is as romantic as it was wild.

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