Foreign Office, London, April 1941: Tiffany, until recently just another working girl undertaking secretarial duties with the Foreign Office in London is now, having been seconded by British Special Operations something of a national treasure – or rather she should be! The mission she undertook in Northern France with the assistance of the French Resistance has been an unparalleled success. Following her brave exploits a worthwhile number of German bombers have been disabled or destroyed never again able to unleash their destructive capabilities upon old Blighty. However, in her attempts to flee France, Tiffany has been captured by the Gestapo and now languishes behind bars ready to face whatever fate awaits her. News of her successes and current demise now reach her employers;

“I say Carruthers just got another update from young Tiffany over there in war torn France via this rather confusing Morse code thingy.”

“Nice girl. Hope she’s still having a whale of a time. What she saying of herself?”

“Well at least it’s in English this time albeit a little Spartan in terms of content. More like a postcard than a missive. Still never mind, it reads thus;

Germans Taken Out STOP

Banged Up STOP

Too Late To Abort STOP

Rescue Me STOP

That’s all she says I’m afraid. What do you think she’s on about?”

“Silly, silly girl. When will these youngsters ever learn? What a bloody waste – she’s gone and got herself pregnant. Even worse, from what I interpret of her message, by a Hun no less. Fraternising with the enemy – she’ll be tarred and feathered of course, those Frenchies really don’t take kindly to collaborators. Maybe as she’s obviously ‘with child’ they might show a little mercy but oh what a tale of woe. Deary, deary me.”

“So there’s nothing to be done I suppose?”

“Nothing at all old chap. Crikey all that depressing news from Tiffany almost put me off the thought of a liquid lunch – emphasis on ‘almost’ of course! You up for it?”

“Absolutely I am.”

This story is part 2 following on from yesterday’s post;



  1. Ooooo! Is THAT Tiffany?

    Normally, I would ask for her telephone number but I suppose she is getting on in years. Besides, I made it a policy to not date girls who wear ammo belts as fashion accessories. Been there, done that. Didn’t turn out well.

    1. Sir, the woman is ‘with child’ don’t you know! However the tale of how you dated a bird with an ammo belt would make a fine post! Thanks for the comment – much appreciated.

  2. “This rather confusing Morse code thingy”…I reckon Morse code to Carruthers is as Facebook to you, perhaps?
    This series keeps getting better with every post. Poor poor knocked up Tiffany:P

    1. Cheers – I did enjoy writing this one. Carruthers ‘un-named’ co-worker is a part I seem to be role playing/method acting presently (much to Shirley’s annoyance I might add).

      1. I may consider the bullet belt on the proviso that she can’t ever have a gun. I posted the story of her West Country farming stock ancestors recently and what they did with guns makes me skin creep!

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