“I say Egor after all that kerfuffle last week down in the village and the local peasants going on and on and on about the ever decreasing stock of young virgins I must say I was expecting an angry mob at the door. Yet having sent out the deliciously lovely zombified Svetlana to do a bit of scouting on my behalf I now learn that all seems well again. Crikey you could knock me down with a feather no less.’

“What pray has happened master?”

“Well Svetlana – I must admit her post zombification monotone voice does get on my tits a bit – just called from her mobile to say; well I think she said, that we have three guests for supper tonight. Three young ladies I surmise.  They go by the nom de plumes of Ann Ticipate, Anna Tack and Sue Nish. Can’t say I remember their respective local families though – maybe they are tourists in these parts?”

“Should I set extras places at the dining table master?”

“Bloody right old chap. I’ll wager a jugular to a limp wrist I’ll be feeding on fresh blood tonight.  Things really are on the up methinks!”

“Would you like me to call you a Count when they arrive?”

“Whatever for, have I offended you?”


11 thoughts on “DRACULA IS TOLD TO ‘ANTICIPATE AN ATTACK SOONISH’ – A ‘silly’ tale!

      1. Oddly I noticed just yesterday that I was no longer ‘following’ you. Of course I rectified it immediately but wonder if it was something I did out of stupidity or if it occurred as you set up the new website.

      2. Yeah, I noticed you followed randomnessessities again…thanks, but I had all my subscribers transferred to my new site…so if all’s well, http://www.satnat.net should be among the blogs you follow now (I must say transferring my site stretched my computer skills to the very limit, so I apologize for any confusion…)

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