A POOR MANS DREAM – A ‘silly’ verse for kids and aging juveniles!



“I wish I lived on a space ship,

And not in this shed,” said he,

“Then I could take lunch on Saturn,

And travel the galaxy


But here in this ram shackled unit,

I take tea from a vacuum flask,

And sit amongst the buckets and spades,

Contemplating my very next task


If I were on that space ship,

Living in luxury,

I would see all the sights of Pluto,

And the mountains of Mercury


I would land my ship in the craters,

Take excursions in posh hover cars,

Picking up some rock samples,

And looking for life on Mars


On Venus I’d build a space station,

And install a large lava bed,

That would be better than living,

In this broken down, draughty old shed!”




33 thoughts on “A POOR MANS DREAM – A ‘silly’ verse for kids and aging juveniles!

    1. If the truth be known I’m with you on all three of your chosen venues. I get to France a lot anyway – living so close as we do – yet to pack Paris, Vienna and Rome in the one day would be perfect!

      1. Have a wonderful day..I studied in Vienna in the seventies.In 2009 l took my wife to show her Vienna ,Paris Rome,an Amsterdam .Then l used to believe l will always be 21.JalMichael

  1. This actually very closely resembles the fantasies I had when I was still a small boy (I was and still am fascinated by anything galactic at that time)…I would often dream about building a space ship and flying to Pluto (which was still a planet back then). It’s like you read my 8 year old mind!

      1. ‘Sproglets’ is, I agree, a fantastic word. In real life she is a bit W C Field’s when it comes to kids yet they all follow her as if she is the Pied Piper…my, she enjoys herself!

      2. I think her skill is saying things to small children they least expect to hear…they seem to like it when she gives them slightly ‘rude’ nicknames. Presently I can think of two small gals we meet in the café from time to time. One she calls ‘Sparrow Fart’ the other just ‘Snot’! Snot even begs her to call her ‘Snot’ every occasion we meet up!

      3. I feel sure she would come up with something…she is quicker witted than me. I note, even this day on some monochrome photo challenge on FB the snap of me she posted from years back prompted someone to comment, ‘Bond, James Bond’. Her cruel riposte was ‘Twat, Hairy Twat’! My how I suffer!

      4. Personally I thought it was a good photo…a bit ‘Bond’esque’ all dressed up ‘proper like’ (as they say in London)…now this stain upon my looks and reputation!

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