One day during World War Two,

Winston Churchill was on the loo,

When an Aide cried out to him to say,

“The Ambassador of the USA,

Has been here since half past the hour,

And his demeanour is now turning sour.”

It was thus that Churchill thought aloud,

And with bulldog spirit, loud and proud,

Said, “Tell the Ambassador to wait in line,

For I can only deal with one shit at a time!”


26 thoughts on “WINSTON CHURCHILL & THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR – Allegedly a true story!

      1. I’m familiar with a few but I’ll definitely have to investigate further, Mike! Maybe work up something inspired by him. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Truthfully, I always like an American take on matters British. There is always good humour to be had. I mean the US and the UK are, on balance, the two most hated nations in many respects so a little satire twixt each other is no bad thing?

      1. The thing is, the people of our respective lands are, for the main part, the best. Our democratic societies have evolved in such a way that compassion and charity are bred into us. It is I think the misplaced, overtly, interfering nationalistic fervour of our leaders that sometimes let’s us down.

  1. Even if the quote is not true…it should be! So many of these quotes attributed to famous people were never said by them. Turns out most of those supposedly said by Yogi Berra aren’t true…

  2. I think Churchill was probably one of the most annoying and unfriendly persons ever, but I can’t help but admire his straightforwardness…I’m gonna have to assume this is a real story, if only because I would like it to be.

  3. Brilliant, Mike. My husband has written a book on Churchill. I’ll have to ask him if C really said that! He has some superb quotes. 🙂

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