I have had a piece I have written published in the March edition of the online satirical magazine at;

I must say I’m rather chuffed about this. Please feel free if so inclined to take a peek.  Even if my ‘drivel’ does not appeal I can report that there is some really great stuff to read there.

If you care to share on Facebook and Twitter that would be appreciated.

All the best,




  1. Now look here old horse. I notice the response to this missive has been somewhat lukewarm to say the very least. I therefore strongly urge you to post nude photographs of the entire cast and crew of The Archers without delay!
    Desperate times call for desperate measures old boy. Desperate measures I tell you!

  2. Looks great! And you’re right…there’s definitely some good stuff to be found there!;)

    Btw, I tried commenting on your previous post, but it didn’t let me, so I’ll say it here: This is beautiful and so hopeful…It reads as a poem about two lovers, but I can pleasantly relate it to the passing of my mother, half a year ago. Thank you! Will share this with my family.

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