Thank you for taking this surreptitious picture Shirl,

One for which I did not pose,

For it looks as though I have aimed my finger up at,

Yet have entirely missed my nose.


And thank you again Shirley my love,

For posting onto your Facebook page,

Said snapshot of this reluctant old fool,

Looking more of a twat than a sage.


Thus it is that I’m subject to ridicule,

As an unaccomplished nostril picker,

So thank you again my child bride old boot,

I shall probably now turn to strong liquor.


There I was at my little grandson’s 2nd birthday party when low and behold unbeknownst to me she takes a snap in the full knowledge that I hate pictures of me! 


23 thoughts on “THANK YOU SHIRLEY!

      1. Do you still match them? Or do you crank the whimsy up to 11? My girlfriend doesn’t match her socks, which is fine because they’re all close enough that you typically don’t notice the difference. But because she doesn’t take the time on her own socks, she refuses to match my socks, which can’t pass as a pair when they aren’t indeed a pair.

      2. The wife does all that – although for some odd reason she refuses to iron them. As to matching she does that as well as I am on the cusp of colour blindness! Thanks again.

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