Coupled half-wits

From such a clutch

They gain free passage

With a prospectus of supposed genius

To the place reserved for giants

Aglow with platitudes

To what end?

Wrap up tight

For those hackneyed winds of change

Change for the worse

And are shortly upon us

Beware that storm of decay

Chameleon it is

Easily unobserved

Until too late

For we shall never walk this path again

All that is banal return

To the jamboree

That jamboree of idiots and fools


21 thoughts on “A JAMBOREE OF IDIOTS & FOOLS

    1. I’m guessing we have them in equal numbers – it’s just that ours from the global perspective are a mere nuisance. At least you don’t have to share the same small island with them!

  1. I know this is not one of your ‘captions to a random pic’, but I must say the poem neatly translates my sentiments when I saw the picture. Great job…this is why I hate wearing a tie;)

    1. Fine observation – gave all my ties up (plus the suits) when we sold the business. UKIP are a dangerous lot – maybe worth turning your satirical dagger toward one day.

  2. For a moment (to my horror) I thought you were announcing your support 🙂 I am with loonies btw, not these ones but the actual loonies party 🙂

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