“I say Carruthers the old boy upstairs has expressed a wish that I accompany some American politician – a Sarah Palin I think he said – to see Sir Beer. It seems he is concerned that this Palin woman is somewhat overdressed for the occasion and is sick and tired of her practising her curtsey and repeatedly saying, ‘How nice to meet you Sir Beer’ in front of the mirror. Indeed he added that it is getting on his tits more than a little!”

“Sir Beer you say? Don’t think I’ve come across the chap – must be ‘new money’ methinks. Anyway seems like you’ve got a bit of a jolly to look forward to.  Is this….what did you say her name was?”

“Sarah Palin.”

“Is this Sarah Palin a ‘looker’ do you know?”

“Afraid I do not. Probably best I check out her profile online. Certainly I do not wish to make a faux pas for I know these Yanks are sticklers for detail and accuracy. I imagine Ms Palin will be true to form, you know dotting her i’s and crossing her t’s in that regard.”

“The thing is if she’s a ‘looker’ then you may find she’s a ‘goer’ also. I understand that an awful lot of American lady politicians are goers you know. I remember well the things Hilary and I did under Waterloo Bridge when Bill was otherwise engaged – put a spring in my step I can tell you!  Alaska!”

“What? If she’s a goer? I’m quite capable of asking her myself.”

“No you fool, Alaska – it is the place the woman heralds from. I remember now. Anyway if she is – a goer that is – that really would make for a bleddy good jolly indeed. Whatever, do you fancy a long lunch at Raj’s Tandoori in Mayfair – it’ll get you in the mood for something ‘hot’ so to speak!”

“Seems a plan to me.”




    1. Tell me if you would – how does the average American view Ms Palin. Here, and across Europe in the media (right, centre, left) she is viewed generally as being somewhat intellectually challenged and therefore an ideal candidate for cruel satire (as satire should, of course, sometimes be). How is she seen over there? Cheers.

      1. demonized and belittled by the left, barely tolerated by the middle, ignored by the establishment right, championed by the libertarians and “tea party” right like me – she is perfectly in synch with my own heart and political philosophy – as a lifelong member of Mensa, I find her intellect more than adequate – the president with the highest discernible IQ was also the worst we ever had – namely Jimmy Carter

      2. That’s most interesting. Thanks. I was keen to get the take of one of her own. I do believe the supposed quotes attributed to her over here – such as her thinking Africa was a country – haven’t helped her image much. Yet if a chap such as yourself – the thinking man’s thinker – sees beyond the satire then that is a good thing.

      1. I like Hillary – she, like Bill (an excellent President I think – especially so in terms of America having a coherent foreign policy; the Good Friday Agreement comes to mind) seems a much safer pair of hands and she has a good brain unlike most of our politicians. Poor old Sarah though is thought of as thick over here – things like her thinking ‘Africa’ was a country have been the source of much satire! Sad really.

      2. Well, don’t forget she’s from Alaska so the poor girl doesn’t get much sunlight. I had to write to Hillary when she was a Senator in New York and I lived there and had a problem with my son’s daycare provider. She wrote back twice to follow up and was very thorough in investigating the problem. I like both her and Bill.

      3. Yeah – the world expected so much of Obama and whilst I think he’s a good bloke he never seems in complete control. Hilary as a first female President in hindsight would have been a better choice – the European leaders, Putin included, could I’m sure do business with her. Hope her time will come.

      4. I hope so, too. I hated when they discounted the Florida vote the last time. I think Obama’s a good guy, just not a strong leader. (Other than his healthcare plan which is the absolute worst!) I just hate how he takes all those vacations and tried to make the office “casual.” Example, he was the first president ever to be photographed with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office… But just a few years prior there was a group of school girls who had scored a trip to the White House and one girl wore “flip-flops” (which at that time was considered a proper sandal and not just beach attire), yet the media ripped her apart. I think that whether I like the president or not, I should respect the office as well as the work he did to get there, and with some of his public things that should be more private, he needs to command respect for his own office as well.

      5. Interesting. I don’t know a lot about his healthcare plan. On the face of it as an old socialist the idea sounds good to me. The concept of our National Health Service which is ‘free’ (and therefore makes for a more compassionate society) is what I thought Obamacare was yet I guessing I’m wrong! Do you know what – educate me for I like to have opinions on things I know about yet with this one I – shamefully – can’t even hazard a guess!

      6. In theory it was “supposed” to be similar to that of Canada. In Canada it is your “birth right” to have the free healthcare (I know they pay extra in taxes which make up for the cost.) And in Canada, they do have to pay a small bit extra for a pharmacy plan for prescriptions. Also, if they come here, they can go to a doctor, pay cash, then submit the bill for reimbursement to their government. I have no idea how their dental and vision healthcare work.

        But instead, what Obamacare is, is a healthcare by the federal government that we are forced to purchase and pay on a monthly plan, UNLESS we have private insurance.

        The first problem is, even though it’s a federal plan, each state has different prices for the federal plan. For example, here in Florida, the state doesn’t participate in supplemental Medicaid. So unless you’re under 29 or over 65 or have children under 18, it costs close to $7,000 a year for the least expensive plan that we are forced to buy. If we don’t buy it, we get fined which is compounded monthly (I believe – it’s been a while since I read it), which ends up nearly as expensive as the insurance.

        The next problem is that many doctors do not want to accept Obamacare, and rightfully so. So now they are starting to refuse to take any insurance.

        Another HUGE problem is employers are now cutting peoples’ hours so that they are not liable anymore for providing private insurance because they have to provide insurance for full-time employees. But if they cut people to under 28 hours, they aren’t liable. So now people’s hours are being cut, and then they still have an astronomical bill.

        Also, where employers used to provide insurance, now that Obamacare is out, a lot of them have gone to cheaper plans. So when people used to have a $2,000 family deductible for the year, I now hear about a lot of people that now have a $5,000 per person deductible for the year.

        Before Obamacare, we had one of four choices: 1-We pay cash when we go to the doctor. 2-We have insurance and we pay a cash co-pay when we go to the doctor and the insurance pays the rest. 3-People over 65 get Medicare from the government which I believe is free or VERY cheap insurance and pays 100% of a doctor visit. And 4-People with a low or no income, IF they have children under 18, can get Medicaid, which is free and pays 100% BUT they can only go to certain participating doctors.

        If our kids are over 18 or we have no kids, and we are under 65, if for example, we get cancer, an oncologist would likely not see us without insurance so if we didn’t have the cash, we would basically be told to go die. Specialists won’t see anyone without insurance, so while you can go the the emergency room at the hospital if you have an emergency like breaking your arm, the hospital will take an x-ray and bill you. But then they will send you to the orthopedic to be set for a cast, and that specialist won’t see you unless you have insurance. The hospital WILL operate on you if you’re admitted on an emergency and need emergency life-saving surgery. But now with mandatory Obamacare, we are speculating if the hospital will even do that much anymore.

      7. This seems to be what we would call in the UK a case of someone who, ‘couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.’ I imagine his heart is in the right place just didn’t predict the impact. Sounds like something that should go back to the drawing boards to me!
        Our NHS is underfunded presently yet, on balance, works very well and the plus is you just get seen, treated and there is no question of having to pay anything. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for that.

      8. Yes, I think yours and Canada’s are very similar if not exact. (Same Queen, right?) I think with ours, it was a better idea in theory than reality. I personally believe a big part of the problem was that he tried to exact it right away while he was still in office, and at a time when we are still in economic crisis. If he would have set it up to start, say 15 years from now, and only slightly raised taxes each year until then so that it was paid for from taxes and not a monthly bill, it would have been more successful and well-received.

        Another problem people are having is his policy on letting foreign immigrants move here and they get everything paid for them while we still have to pay. That seems to get a lot of people riled up. Like I told you before, I think he’s probably a good husband and father, probably an awesome lawyer and probably a fun guy to hang out with, but I think he’s just a little out of touch with what the average to low income people are dealing with here.

      9. I think Obama is in essence an honest man which whether it be here in the UK or anywhere else sadly doesn’t make for a great leader. I’m not saying she’s dishonest yet Hilary is looking better to me all the time! Certainly from the outside looking in and, as all US allies do, we want a coherent foreign police from the nation that is effectively leading the free world. Bill had that; Hilary in Obama’s first term showed she has as well! Let’s here it for Hilary then!

      10. Yes, lets! I hope her recent health scare doesn’t prevent her from running again. (I guess that was actually about 3 months ago, so it’s probably over.) I don’t know about over there, but we have more tabloids than real “news” it seems, and everywhere we look, they claim that one of the Clintons are at death’s door! 😦

  1. Mike, you make me laugh out loud, I LOVE your writing. Last writer I had a good old belly laugh with (and I have a few of them) l was with Tom Sharpe. Thank you!

  2. I read it once, but I did not fully understand some slang expressions.
    This time I took the time to comprehend the meaning.
    Great post about Sarah Palin whose intelligence is beyond my comprehension.

    1. Thanks for reading Sir – the concept of strapping a dead moose ’bout me neck……..should do the trick. Is Ms Palin as thick as two short planks as she is represented by the media this side of the pond? She is an enigma in many ways and I often ponder how she is viewed in her own land.

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