A marvellous indifference

Toward the peripheral

Things in life

Tedious everyday things

Such things sometimes


Become problematic

The French

Dismiss these things

With simplicity

Of the Gaelic shrug

Most economical

Of exertions.


Those same French

Have such passion

For the meaningful







Fine food

Fine wine

An innate ability

Dissection of

The momentous

From matters


Leaves it mark

Annoying mark

An impression

That they

The French

Know of something

We do not.


To an outsider

In awe of such

A sagacious capability

It seems they have

Access to a potion

A recipe shrouded

In mystery

And secrecy

The French are an enigma

Yet a worthy one

Vive la France!





14 thoughts on “THE FRENCH

  1. though I visited often – always for business – never made an extended visit – just quick jaunts to the usual hamlets – having said all that, I never felt much warmth from the natives

    1. We spend much time there – maybe 6 weeks a year and save for Paris where the locals, as with most cities, are too busy to be friendly I’ve not experienced anything other than warmth. So long as one show’s willing to try and speak the lingo they are as good as gold. In Northern France especially where one can squeeze history out of thin air I have always felt at home.

  2. Couple years ago my wife and l visited ,Rome,Paris,Vienna and Amsterdam.This post reminded me of the musicians l saw in trains ,subways,buses and on the corner of every city in Europe.Thank you for the post.jalal

      1. I struggle with my French yet just about get by with hand gestures – I’ve not yet resorted to the annoying British habit of shouting at others assuming that will assist there understanding of English!

    1. Cheers – by the way you mentioned my surname might be Dutch. I see there are lots of Dutch ‘van Steeden’s according to a Google search. Does ‘van’ mean ‘son of?’

  3. As a former female roommate of mine once said “The French think they are the bottom line on anything that has to do with art or fashion. You know, they are right.”

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