Event Manager Stanley: “A word in your shell-like if I may JC.”

JC: “Certainly Stan – how can I help you mate?”

Stanley: “Look there’s no easy way to put this.”

JC: “What?”

Stanley: “Well consider this for a mo. We’ve sold 2000 tickets at 50 shekels a hit for this gig. And what JC; what is the billing for the gig? What do all the posters across the length and breadth of Jerusalem say?   Let me tell you. They say, me old mucker, ‘MAN WALKS ON WATER’ that’s what they say!”

JC: “And?”

Stanley: “What do you mean ‘And?’ For crying out loud. You JC, yes you; the bloody star of the show are – if I’m not mistaken – walking, how shall I put it, ‘IN WATER’ rather than ‘ON WATER.’ The crowd are getting restless even as I speak. Anyone with bloody legs can walk ‘in water.’  ‘In water’ is not, my friend, ‘special’ in part or at all.  I feel the gig could easily fall apart and a full-on riot may ensue if you don’t get your act together post-haste matey boy!”

JC: “So we’re talking angry mob are we?”

Stanley: “In a nutshell – yes!”

JC: “We could have a problem then Stan.”


11 thoughts on “JC’s WORST EVER GIG!

  1. Hysterical! I imagine all conversation amongst the Apostles and the Big Guy were not in New Testament speak. Too much potential humor, what with lepers and everyone drunked up on wine and having to poop in the woods.

  2. Excellent. It’s like an old George Carlin joke, “Screw you. You get ON the plane. I’m getting IN it for the flight.” Oh, poor JC, confusing his prepositional meanings turned badly for him again.

  3. This was deliciously delightful! I can already see the angry mob demanding Jesus to do his magic trick! It’s the ancient equivalent of David Copperfield making a train disappear…by driving it away;)
    Bloody brilliant!

  4. According to the New Testament, and also from Hindu scripture, it was rather like that. Jesus was followed by mobs everywhere he went, people wanting miracles. He was a rock star.

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