Pre-Menstrual Woman Spared Jail After Killing Husband For Whistling

A master at work – this deserves another read methinks!



A pre-menstrual woman pictured last night reminding her husband not to keep leaving the toilet seat up.

Women’s support groups were jubilant yesterday after a 38 year old London woman was allowed to walk free from court, despite being found guilty of murdering her husband, in what was described in court as “a frenzied and sustained brutal attack” with an axe in June 2013..

During the six weeks trial, the court heard how Mrs Mary Terry from Stepney Green in East London, was close to the onset of her menstrual cycle at the time of the murder. The court was then told how she had been subjected, to what her barrister described as, a “sickening catalogue of abuse” at the hands of her 45 year old chartered accountant husband of 18 years, Miles.

A number of female jurors wept openly, as defending counsel, Penelope Barrington-James QC, described how, during their…

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5 thoughts on “Pre-Menstrual Woman Spared Jail After Killing Husband For Whistling

  1. I agree with my good friend Lennard in that my name is indeed Clive. I blame my mother to be honest. My dad wanted to call me Big Nob.
    But I digress. I should like to thank another good friend and fellow bondage devotee, Mike “What’s the fucking safe word! This is starting to really hurt!” Steeden for this accolade. I can only assume he’s either drunk or thrashing around in the throes of sexual insanity. Personally I’m both and so is Lennard. The mucky sod!
    In short…Thanks Mike 🙂

    1. No lip service Mr Lionel Sir – you are the king old chap. I always wanted to be called Big Nob and to have carved out a career in Amsterdam making ‘films’ yet it was not to be!

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