La Petite Mort

Odd thing

Suicide bombers

Will go to their death

On the promise of

This state of being

Believing it will

Hold them fast

In its grip

Through eternity

Such are the dubious


Of scriptures

They are fed

Until so very



La Petite Mort


And others

Will simply

Savour the moment

Devour the moment

Live the moment

For what it is

Nothing more



10 thoughts on “LA PETITE MORT

    1. Crikey – had to look that up! This short piece I wrote after reading an article about how ‘certain’ suicide bombers are seduced into thinking that by carrying out their deed they will live in a state of orgasm thereafter for eternity. Struck me as an odd that such stupidity is for real – maybe should have written this as a satire yet it would have been difficult to keep it within the bounds of the acceptable – which I guess makes me the cowardly satirist!

    1. Cheers – all down to the thing I read recently saying that most suicide bombers think they are going to a heaven where they will be in a state of orgasmic bliss forever more! Weird stuff religion!

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