A reflection

Of the guilty party

In the mirror of indifference


To the apathetic eye

Of those who sit

In dominance

And decide

Who will swing

And who will

If any


Means nothing

Means everything


Such consummate power

For those who have

Climbed the ladder

Of passionate reason

Believing that

At the first rung

That they might


Mend the world



Yet once atop

Foolishly deemed

A summit

They only look down

From whence they came

Soaking up the glory

The benediction

Having bettered

The hoi polloi

In their eyes

At least


Something had

Changed in them

In the clamber



As they ply

The trade

Of statesmanship

To their own ends meet

They create

An anthem

For anarchy

Or revolution

With no conception

That this is so


Both will become


Both will flourish

When, ‘I’m alright Jack’




  1. Indifference is a terrible place to be – at least that’s my experience of it. and drives me potty in others.
    Really like this one, has biblical connotations without being too overly pious. One to read again in any case.

    1. Well I am an easy going atheist as it happens yet get your point. I’m not easy going on blokes/women who kick of their dream of changing the world; get to place where they can make a difference then think self, self, self – human greed is all it is! Apologies, rant over. Good to see you back blogging.

  2. Great, fantastic! Yours words paint the ugly picture, so beautifully and vividly. The first three lines gives me the chills. I absolutely love your style, and enjoy your posts tremendously.
    P.S. I enjoyed your rant, probably because I find it so true.

    1. Cheers. I dabble in poetry from time to time whereas you actually write great poems therefore you will understand your compliment is most welcome by this recipient!

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