Deaf In The Afternoon.

A new lunacy commences this very day for The League of Mental Men (who count me within their ranks) is born. If you fancy a swift ‘follow’ then herewith the ‘link.’ If I manage to get this ill fitting top hat off that the wife nailed to me bonce for no good reason I could understand then I hope I’ll see you there!


2 thoughts on “Deaf In The Afternoon.

  1. Christ! Is this that League Of Mental Men blog I’ve heard about where they give you free money, lashings of grog and the opportunity to cavort with naked women/men/beasts of the field???
    Bloody hell I’m going to dive over there and fill my boots right now son!!!
    Thanks Mike! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. *2 hours later*
    Blimey those beasts of the field really take it out of yers! I’m sticking to the nude dancing bints next time.*wheeze* 😦

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