The constant theme

Of all things is

Positive and negative

Good and bad

Birth and death

North and south

Beginning and end

All in equal measure

All in a universe

Of organic construction


In space and time


In order to know


One must first

Have seen

The malicious

Or vice versa

One thing

Cannot be comprehended

Without the other  


We have evolved

A conscious mind

To ordain such things


The solar system

Seeks to expand

Will one day


Every species

That has evolved

One day

Will be no more

A history lost


The act of coition

Ensures survival

Until that cataclysmic

Or sorry event

Determines otherwise



Best endeavours

Of the fittest

It is all over and done with

Then begins



Another ‘Big Bang’

One giant orgasm 

The coupling of

Two intergalactic ‘things’

The mass of debris

The sperm of creation

New planets be the eggs

Detritus the sperm

One piece gets lucky

Billions of its comrades

Lifeless meteoric particles

Become the dross of the void


Ends inevitably follow beginnings

Beginnings follow ends

Everything sucked back

In to entrance

From whence it came

Then renewal happens

The realm of infinity

Cannot be understood

Until we know

The ‘vice versa’


The corpse of humanity

Turns to fertile

Carbon dust

Matures into

New concoctions

Merely bacterial at first

Then there is magic




19 thoughts on “THEN THERE IS MAGIC

  1. another truly magnificent piece that I wish I had written – you profoundly express the vast mysteries of cosmos with an elegant economy of words in each line – handsome work – may I have your permission to reblog this?

    1. I’ve been blogging for 7 months. Hadn’t even thought of – although I have read a lot – poetry until 5 months ago so you will understand I have no hesitation in accepting your invite to re-blog. In short you are up there with the poets of the classic English period to this day bettered by few save for your good-self.

      1. I for one can. Really, whenever I’m down for whatever reason, it helps to remind myself I’m just a tiny bit of star dust on a tiny rock in a remote part of space…Works better than prayer!;)

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