On the clock of mortality


It was around this time

His dreams

Always vivid 

Oh so real

Since he lost

His very being

Now wholly consumed him

There was no longer

A borderline


Delusion from actuality


Not long now

Not long


16 thoughts on “THE CLOCK OF MORTALITY

    1. Cheers. In some respects I am grateful that toward/at the end my old man was unaware of those shuddering ticks. Against that it is maybe better to be aware than be a soul lost, not by design; simply a brain that needed re-wiring.

  1. There is
    no hiding
    or hushing death
    Inhale it,
    embrace it
    Create a full circle
    of life and ultimate destiny
    Clock strikes twelve
    Ready to delve
    in secrets

    1. Sir – even by way of a comment your eloquence is both profound and worthwhile (sorry I’m typing on a tablet I may throw at the wall shortly – bad back and all that). Regardless, thank you. You run a blog mix of photography and poetry that is sublime!

      1. Many thanks for your wonderful words Sir, your words were wonderful and the only way I could comment was my feeble try to extend the conversation. Have a wonderful week 🙂

    1. Difficult thing when one’s dad is snuffing it. I must say blogging does give the forum – fuck this tablet thing I’m typing on – the opportunity to get things out that would otherwise lurk in the dark places of the mind!

      1. Indeed blogging brings up memories and issues of decades ago. I agree it must have been very difficult.

  2. I had to read this a couple of times to fully appreciate it but this was brilliant Mike, well done.

    And you’re right, blogging does help to express one’s thoughts clearly…

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