Bunny was well and truly fed up. He had been quite explicit with the dating agency when he requested to be matched up with a girl with long furry floppy ears and a twitchy nose. Plainly, in sending him Alice they had stuffed his order. What’s more, when out of idle politeness he had asked Alice if she would like to, ‘see him in his warren sometime’ she had called him a ‘dirty pervert’ no less! In short he was not a happy Bunny.


Did you enjoy that?…No? Well try this mag then. It’s similar but there’s some music in it. Miserable sods!


Also, my sincere apologies to the photographer here – couldn’t in truth work out who he/she was.



  1. Poor gal. Though from the look she’s giving him in the picture, I’d bet big bucks that she was attracted to him in an uncomfortable and inappropriate inter-species short of way and just couldn’t get herself to tell him.

    1. Did you read that the Archbishop of Canterbury – i.e. head of the protestant church – will not endorse gay marriage as he feels unable to upset African Christians by the way? He felt it best if he did not comment on the subject. Weak or what?

      1. Sounds right. I find it so funny that I actually like Jesus quite a bit. He’s almost always the hero/good guy in the stories I write about him and his exploits, but I’ve come to have little in my heart of late but disdain for many if not most Christians. How far the apples have fallen from the tree.

    1. Could well be that Alice is the stereotypical posh bird who likes a bit of rough as they say in and about London. Maybe that’s why she signed up to the dating agency? Having said that you’ve inspired a thought once again – what about Mandy Fromage’s Dating Agency for Ladies Seeking a Bit of Rough. That may have legs………thinking on with this one. Cheers.

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