Satirical Magazine Blamed For Sharp Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Insane – but in a good way. Just avoid contact with the screen of your PC when reading. If you have a ‘touch’ screen use rubber gloves!

The League of Mental Men!

 SOZ December 2013

Soz Satire Xmas issue, complete with a mysterious rash, pictured infecting millions last night.

The British Medical Association are claiming that the recent alarming rise in sexually transmitted diseases across the country is entirely due to the launch of the bumper April edition of Soz Satire magazine which came out earlier this month.

A spokesperson for the genito-urinary clinic at The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, East London, told us.

“We used to be able to take it easy at work until Soz launched their bumper April edition, now we’re going at it like  one-armed paper hangers. I’ve not even had a chance to take the old woman food shopping at Tescos, and it’s all down to those bastards!”

We spoke to a random selection of sufferers last night and we print their testimonials below:

“I’d never had an STD in my life until the new Soz came out…

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5 thoughts on “Satirical Magazine Blamed For Sharp Rise In Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    1. I will ask Sir Soz if there are any remedies he might be aware of no less! By the way I may have to catch up on reading valued posts such as yours a little later in the week as I am out and about for a couple of days! Not being rude; simply not here!

      1. Well, thank you for letting me know. I would have missed you for sure and for certain. But until you get back, I shall see how to get these blisters off my hands! 😉

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