A Not-So Civil War: Cromwellian Comic Capers by Big Gaz

On a day when we’ve been at the zoo with little Max out grandson and have returned home well and truly shagged what better then a post by my colleague in crime, none other than Mr, some say Squire of Hayling Island, Gray ‘Ronaldo’ Hoadley the Enforcer of The League of Mental Men with whom I like to think I;m merely the third musketeer. I shall – an impromptu death aside – return fully refreshed in the AM!

The League of Mental Men!

“I’m most terribly sorry, I didn’t quite catch that”
The English Civil War
The Battle of Naseby June 14 1645.  A decisive punch-up between the Royalists and Cromwell’s New Modern Army
 The Royalists prepare for battle.

Higgins. Make ready the scout” orders Sir Francis Ruce

“Bit early for dinner Sir”.
“What do you mean Higgins?” Said an irritated Ruce.
“Trout Sir, bit early for Trout”.
“Scout you idiot!”
“Right ho Sir”.

The Royalist scouts went in search of the Parliamentarians. The morning
Fog had not lifted which prevented a clear view from Little Oxenden.

What did you see Higgins?” Asked Sir Francis.
“Nothing Sir the fog was too thick”.
“Why didn’t you go through the fog!”
“Already been Sir”.
“The bog Sir”.
“Do you do this on purpose Higgins?”
“What Sir?”
“Pretend to be deaf”.
“Pardon Sir?”
“Deaf! Man…

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5 thoughts on “A Not-So Civil War: Cromwellian Comic Capers by Big Gaz

  1. The third is the most important, Mike. Think of a tricycle – without the third wheel, it would be off balance and fall over. Without you, those mental men would just be….mental.

    1. Mental is back later today – for I have been with little grandson Max to the zoo yesterday and batteries are now recharged. The first thing we saw at the zoo (true) were copulating lions which I had explain to him in surreal form to save the poor little chap’s innocence no less!

      1. Oh Mike, too typical an event for such as us, and funny. “What are the lions doing, grandpa?” “Um, that’s a question for grandma!” That’s how I would handle it. The situation would only come up for mentals like us and the other blokes wearing propeller beanies and mega-large cod pieces. And giving the finger to people going by in the bus. Heck, they can’t do anything about it.

    2. Oh dear! Poor Max. I don’t know what would be worse – witnessing the feline debacle or having grandpa explain it! 😉 I hope you otherwise had a good time. We missed you!

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