A master chef’s


For the living soul

In text

As a recipe

Michelin star recipe mind!

Formulated thus



A fusion of



Hate and


With a pinch of


And Discovery


In the mixer –

Available from

Any good

Appliance store –




Carbon matter


Stir fry for

An instant only

In the pan of


On low heat


Garnish with

Fresh leaf

From the

Tree of Life


Serve up

On the plate

Of compassion







    1. That means hard work Sir. Ever since selling the business I’ve tried to avoid that. Thought much appreciated though. Indeed you could outshine Dickie Dawkins should you choose a similar route.

    1. Actually, it reminded me of an episode of The Twilight Zone where the alien brings a book titled To Serve Man and he is very helpful and eventually humans start booking passage on his ship, only at the end to find that the humans have decoded the book and it was a cook book!

    2. The photo didn’t really fit the post I’ll admit – I found it on a vegetarian anti-meat eating website. As a veggie myself I rather liked it – yet plainly it has nothing to do with the ‘living soul’ – shame on me.

      1. You’re a vegetarian, too? One of my favorite photos that I put on my FB sometimes is of a woman with all kinds of raw meat stuffed in her mouth – The caption usually says something to the effect of “If you were really meant to eat meat, then you would eat it raw, with no seasonings, and kill it yourself. Does this look appetizing?” It’s a pretty cool photo, and very shocking, though a lot of my carnivore friends don’t “get it.” But I have to wonder if it’s your taste? You can find it here:

        The Twilight Zone episode I referenced is called “To Serve Man” and it’s one of the original B&W ones with Rod Serling (not the ’80s remakes). You can watch it here: 🙂

      2. Well I checked out the photo – rather liked it! I used to eat shed loads of meat until 11 years ago when, weighing in at nearly 280 pounds I got diabetes. Did the sensible thing and got fit; turned veggie and lost 120 pounds in 7 months and been that weight ever since. Thought of meat or indeed anything with a face makes me feel sick these days. I have saved The Twilight Zone for later as son George has taken over the house to record today and is thus kicking us out to wander the streets until he is finished!

      3. Well maybe you can use that photo in a future post. It would be interesting to see what kind of poem you can add to it. 120 in 7 months? That’s incredible!! Good for you! George as in Max’s dad? Did you at least get to take the lad with you? My son likes to take over my house, too. I guess it’s a guy thing.

      4. George is the youngest and in a panic as he is doing his ‘finals’ at uni (a music student). Our house is a tip because of him presently. Paper everywhere; musical instruments adorn every chair in the place etc. Little Max is my daughter Ellie’s boy – a sweet little thing. I believe I have many more kids but have lost count of them!

      5. I have a friend who lives somewhere (about an hour from London). He used to be my neighbor and like a dad to me, and he moved to the UK 20+ years ago and started a new family. Anyway, his son is approximately 14 or 15 and goes to school there that is just for acting. He doesn’t have to take math, science or other such subjects. When he explained the school system there for the arts, it sounded just amazing. There’s nothing like that here that I know of, unfortunately. YAY for George! My son does music mixing – he can’t carry a tune in a bucket as far as singing, but he mixes better than just about anyone in all of Central Florida.

      6. What an amazing coincidence – George’s greatest passion is mixing/mastering his own stuff! Once he’s finished uni he intends to put a website together with the objective of selling his music on to those who perform yet do not write themselves – maybe there is a niche market there. A lot of G’s degree course is about the technology of music. Best of good fortune to your lad – never met a musician I didn’t like for they are all gentle chaps at heart. On the day to day front G is those most impractical chap – did you ever get to read the couple of posts I did about him (with his permission I add)? If not I’ll send you a link over.

    3. Jeremy also creates custom beats for hip-hop type music. He makes a lot of money mixing and he sells his beats on-line and it amazes me how many people will pay for that! Last year, he had a studio fly him to California for a month to try to seduce him into working for them. George will definitely be able to make a good living with his music if he’s got all that talent behind the scenes as well!

      1. Thus far G hasn’t even attempted to make any money yet it’s good to hear what you say – I shall let him know. Appreciated. He gave up live performing in bands etc when 17 claiming the ego’s of others was annoying him so he won’t perform any more – shame as he was rather good! Still it’s good to hear of someone doing well – very inspiring.

      2. He sounds as absorbed in it as my kiddo, and if that’s the case, he’ll definitely go far with it. There’s so much these days for them to do on the internet, too, that there is a lot of money to be made for sure and for certain.

      3. How old is your boy if I may ask? I must tell G when he rises from his pit. The story might just give him a bit of inspiration i.e. to hear of another doing very well. I know all the students are worried about ‘what next’ given the state of the economy etc.

      4. Jeremy is 20; he’ll be 21 in October. He’s been writing, recording and mixing since he was 14. About 4 years ago he opened a studio at home here and soundproofed his closet with mineral wool. About 2 years ago, he also started working at a larger studio in Tampa on the weekends, but he still gets quite a bit on business running through my house at all hours during the week. It amazes me how many people have money to get him to record and mix their music. He also does some voiceover type of work on a website that he mixes with his equipment and that hires him for little jobs here and there, mostly for radio ads. The people will email him copy which he will read and record and perhaps add music to. But yeah, he does a lot of word of mouth business and these kids (between 15 to 30 years old) seem to find him and he almost always has a music project to work on.

      5. Can’t thank you enough for that. Your son is certainly a quantum leap ahead of George yet what he is doing is pretty much a replica of the things George talks about. G (and sometimes me) has spent a small fortune on all the kit, software instruments etc. Is a bloody good songwriter yet in his own words, ‘Still feels 15 in his head’ so in terms of entering the real world he has some catching up to do – this is partly due to studying I guess. Anyway, it is so very good to hear that your young chap is marching forward at a rate of knots – good luck to him.

      6. Thank you, I’ll pass that along. I told him last night abut your son, and he said to have him find him on Facebook if he wants. He said he’s not sure about what the market would be over there, but if it’s similar to here, he should have no problems at all.

      7. Cheers – G is on Facebook but gave up posting an age ago as he found, in his opinion, it to be too trivial. I know he simply uses it these to to check up on his mates back in Devon. I will mention it to him though – you never know musician to musician might have great appeal.

      8. Yes, well perhaps they can at least exchange email that way. Jeremy’s always on Skype, Oovoo and Facetime as well, so who know how they may end up talking. These kids find a way to get the job done. 🙂

      9. G for all intents and purposes will have finished his degree on the 8th May – I will get him to get his arse in gear. In truth I believe engaging with your son on matters musical will come as a great relief as he is up to his eyeballs panicking about presentations, essays etc. now – he’s not even left the house this past 5 days at all! I know he uses Skype because he tried to explain it to me.

  1. Kudos for combining scientific fact with sensitivity (not the scientific kind of sensitivity I mean)…Really like this one. It’s thoughtful and sensitive, yet to the point and true, very true.

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