Hashish and LSD

Both worked for me

All those years ago

Opium too

Sweet dreams

The sweetest

Then of course


Travelled the universe

Without my head

Leaving my pillow

Thank you

Aldous Huxley

For that


Yet then came

My part share

In an embryo

Needed an income

Needed to be responsible

So I quit the lot


Not a problem


Kept a video

A recording

For posterity

In the library

Of my mind’s eye

Still play it back

From time to time



The drug

That stayed behind

Never could quit you

The bastard

Of all drugs


19 thoughts on “THE BASTARD OF ALL DRUGS

    1. True. Gave the rest up donkey’s years ago without a problem. Given up nicotine sometimes for over a year at a time yet it still comes back to haunt. I find it difficult say doing my favourite thing of people watching outside a French cafe and not have a ‘fag’ with my coffee!

  1. Finally drove a permanent stake through that vampire’s heart about 15 years ago. What a bastard it is to quite. Though for me, it wasn’t the nicotine as much as the ritual itself. I still miss it, though my lungs don’t.

    1. Once when I had given up for over a year if I’d been offered a night of carnal bliss with the young Susanna York or a Marlboro I would have chosen the latter. Bloody addictive bastard is nicotine.

    1. I think it helped me get real. There is a time for everything including drugs. I enjoyed them I admit yet I needed to go and make some money so I did – would never have got it together stoned! As to ‘fags’ well that’s another story!

      1. LOL! My ex-husband chose the drugs over his kids and anyone else. So I always admire a man who puts his kids first. As for the fags, that always just cracks me up!

    1. True – twas so very long ago that I just quit overnight save for nicotine. I’ve given up for a year or more a few times yet it is torture and I still end up smoking again – not heavily; not indoors; not even in a car – outside of a French cafe is where sits the main desire to take coffee and light up and people watch!

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