Edward, Chairman of the men only ‘Let’s All Look the Same Society’ strides ever forward in disgust. He knows for a fact that Cedric – never one to conform – was telling lies, when, a little earlier that he said he thought tonight was a once off, ‘Lone Ranger’ fancy dress party.


11 thoughts on “EDWARD IS MIFFED!

  1. The dunces! They are supposed to put their heads down and charge at full force to the formidable opponent standing behind the camera….who happens to be Cedrick’s wife! No wonder he hid his face! And as for you, Mr. Mike…funny stuff!

    1. Cheers – had serious block on the writing front yesterday straight after I posted on LOMM. Never had anything like it before – not an original thought in my head. Didn’t help with G taking over my small study. I almost turned to drink yet thought better of it! I guessing that you’ve been writing for longer than me – I have only been at it for just under a year – has it ever happened to you?

      1. ALL the time! Believe it or not, I actually plan nearly all my blog posts a month in advance because when I’m put on the spot I can’t think of a THING to say! Just moments ago, I finished all of May’s posts except one. I’m sure with you being at the dentist, it didn’t help either. I hope that went well.

      2. Good to know – in a ‘good’ way I stress – that it isn’t just me! Still got up at the crack of dawn and good old Deidre was waiting there for me. I cannot thank her enough!

      3. LOL! I had no doubt she’d be back…After all, she has to clear her good name! (I sent something to your Facebook email to help occupy your time when you can’t sleep.)

        Yep, usually around the last week or two of the month, I try to think of ideas for the entire following month and write them and schedule them to post. Then I usually go back in a couple of days before the post and see if I want to make changes. It seems to help me not feel so pressured to be on-the-spot as well as gives my brain more free time to work on my books.

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