“I say Carruthers I’ve just had a pie and a pint with Winnie. We were discussing the plans for the D Day landings in Northern France when apropos nothing he punched me in the guts and whispered, ‘Be careful you moron the walls have ears.’ Can you believe it – I didn’t then and still haven’t now a bleddy clue what he was on about! What do you make of it – I mean there is no way on God’s earth that walls can have ears. It’s all gobbledegook to me.”

“Sorry old chum I’m as baffled as you. Had Winnie been on the tilt? You know what he’s like when he’s had a couple over the eight. He was probably orf in cloud cuckoo land again.”

“Possible yet I think not as we only had a couple of beers and he seemed sober enough to me. Personally I think he’s losing his mind what with the pressure of the war effort.”

“Tell you what I think it might be. You are aware that Winnie does a bit of painting down in deepest Kent at his Chartwell estate. A hobby I’m told. I’m thinking here that maybe he is a fan of that Picasso chappie the artist from the Spanish Civil War. He paints those rather childish scribblings with odd things like ears and suchlike in them. It has to be that.”

“I do believe you have nailed it on the head there. Yes that will be it. Anyway shall we take an early bath today? What about a snifter down at Heinrich’s German Beer Emporium. We can discuss the highly secret plans for the Allied invasion in some depth in the privacy of that establishment.”

“Good plan.”




  1. Great stuff!
    Actually, I believe something like this happened in the spring of 1944, when two (I believe American) officers were discussing D-day in a restaurant somewhere. I’m not sure how it turned out, but Eisenhower was not pleased to say the least:S

  2. I was going to quote a certain WWII poster, but Paul beat me to it. So I’ll go with my second choice which is: “Quiet! Know your place! Shut your face!” (Yes, that was really a poster.) I love these Carruthers ones so much! Once again, great job! You rock, Sir Mike! 😀

      1. YAY!!! Why, thank you; I’m honored. ❤ I have to wonder if down the road you might Google WII propaganda posters and see all the MANY they had on soldiers picking up syphilis and gonorrhea, and see how our friend, Carruthers, might twist that around in his cute little naive head. 🙂

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