At the request of our treasured reader THE ALL NEW ‘LENNY NOGGINS – LUNATIC ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT’ In ‘I was off quicker than a bride’s panties’

This is one I wrote just yesterday from behind the asylum doors of the League of Mental Men. I rather like Lenny Noggins thus thought a reblog in order!


15 thoughts on “At the request of our treasured reader THE ALL NEW ‘LENNY NOGGINS – LUNATIC ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT’ In ‘I was off quicker than a bride’s panties’

    1. By the way I am on my tablet presently and I accidentally pressed unapproved to your comment. I quickly remedied the mistake so please do not be offended!

      1. I am not convinced that the wireless keyboard they got me for the tablet – which I wasn’t using because I couldn’t get on with the on screen keyboard – is the thing for me. I managed to ‘unapprove’ comments from three other bloggers also yesterday evening! It will have to be apologies all round this morning I think!

      2. Oh dear! Did you at least get to read them first? Are your fingers getting in the way or are you just feeling quite dictatorial as of late because I gave you the honorary title of Sir Mike, Knight of the British Empire? (Did you look in your Trash in your Dashboard at the Comments section? Perhaps you can recover them there?)

      3. Cheers – I think like the one I recovered of yours I got them all back using the ‘edit’ thing. I really shouldn’t be let loose on a tablet!

      4. LOL! I think they’re usually kept in the trash until you delete them for good from there. I don’t use a tablet. I have a hard enough time with this darn keyboard that the letters wore off from!

      5. If the truth be told I don’t know why I purchased it – although I do thinking about it for I can watch live football (soccer I think it is called where you are?) in full HD with headphones on and Shirley doesn’t then accuse me of hogging the TV!

      6. LOL! Are you one of those men that yell at the game while you watch it on TV? If so, the headphones won’t do any good. 😉 Yes, soccer is the one with the black and white ball that’s kicked across the field and football is the oblong brown ball that’s not actually played much with the feet. (Go figure.)

      7. I swear at the screen I must admit. I did try to watch the American game once which looks as though it is based upon Rugby League. What put me off wasn’t the game but the ‘adverts’ every few minutes – ruins the spectacle.

      8. LOL! I don’t really watch any sports, but I asked my sister who does and she said that rugby and football are different. I have an American-turned-British friend who lives there and he says only once in a while he can get an American football game on his TV. Yes, the commercials here are awful with any show… about 3 to 4 breaks during a 30 minute show!

      9. Can’t be doing with adverts. What TV we watch these days is pre-recorded. As for sport in the UK not even the commercial channels dare insert an advert during a match for there would be riots on the streets. By the way did you know that when the French riot both police and rioters always take a break for lunch (true).

      10. WHAT???? Are you really serious for real? That’s FUNNY! I mostly DVR regular TV and can skip through the commercials, but watch a lot of Hulu and you can’t skip those.

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